September 25th, 2004

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My life goes on in endless song

Got awoken early this morning by the incessant ringing of the telephone. Since I went out and had a few drinks last night, I answered it groggily. New York. A UN intern, been given this number by one of my NYC friends. Said she'd be coming over to The Hague this week to attend some sort of conference, and if she could sleep on my sofa? It would only be until Thursday...She sounded slightly embarrassed and apologetic about it -she assured me that I would hardly know she was there!-, but I know what it's like to be a UN volunteer and have more ideals than cash, so I said yes. Been spending the morning cleaning the flat, now all I need to do is stock up on the groceries, and get the laundry done. She'll be arriving tomorrow and I don't want the first thing she sees be my tatty nightshirts drying in the hall because it's f*cking raining outside.

And, putting the final touches to my plans for next week, I've booked myself into a hotel in the immediate vicinity of The Troubadour, with an overall rating of: poor. Can't wait to see what that means ;-)!