November 29th, 2004

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The plan

I've just received the company doctor's proposal for my reintegration at work: the plan is for me to start working 15 hours a week from week 52, 24 hours from week 2, 36 hours from week 5 and go back to full-time employment from week 7. And just to make sure that Jobsworth understands that this is only a tentative guideline, she's printed the words SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND RENEWED INSIGHT in big bold lettering across it.
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technical issues

I'm a complete dunce, I know

...but bear in mind that my previous home computer was bought in 1993, and only had a 3.5" disk station (which was state of the art in them dark days!).

Every time I logon, my computer (which will need to be named at some stage) tells me that it has found some WinXP updates for me to install, but warns me that I must first create a backup. My computer (see that it needs a name?) is issued with 2 optic -CD/-DVD/-RW stations. The manual, written in badly translated German, says all I need to do is place a disk in the station (does not specify which) and run the Windows Backup Wizard.

So I've gone out and bought a packet of CD-RW high speed disks. I open up one station and place a disk inside. I open up the wizard and it tells me G:\backup.bkf, which it comes up with of its own accord, is an invalid file name and destination. So I try it in the other station. Same result.

What's wrong? I don't know. These disks, do they need formatting first?
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