December 12th, 2004


Numfar, do the Dance of Joy!

I just burned my first CD! Yes, I did -- and I figured out how to all on my tod:

- locate and download music files - CHECK
- locate and open Nero manual - CHECK
- decide it's written in a language incomprehensible to a person of my limited mental capabilities, and give up in disgust - CHECK
- have a cup of coffee - CHECK
- click on various buttons randomly, and end up somehow converting .WAV to .CDA - CHECK
- find the button that says BURN, and watch in growing despair as it does nothing - CHECK
- have another cup of coffee - CHECK
- decide it probably needs a disk inserted, have a hairy moment when it says it can't find it - CHECK
- take out disk and insert in other station, click OK, hear it whir, and in a panic leave the room - CHECK
- say 10 Hail Marys before daring to creep back in - CHECK

- and hey presto! a CD is made! So who's the Daddy now, then?

My very own audio CD, and it plays on both the computer AND the stereo! Only took me -what?- 3 hours? Pfft...this burning stuff's a piece of cake, really. Next time, I may even whittle the time spent on it down to an hour and a half, maybe? Perhaps I'll even work out how to make the songtitles and artist appear in the playlist...
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Oh dear

I was getting ready for bed when I suddenly remembered that I've got an appointment to go see the company psychologist in the morning...

...the thing is, now that I've had almost two months of R&R due to The Ankle, the reasons for me seeing this person no longer exist. I'm as hale and un-burnt out as can be! Or am I dipping my toesies in the River of Denial again saying that?
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