December 31st, 2004

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Just a bit of fun, really

I had nothing better to do (except watch Cold Mountain -- brilliant film), and so I give you another drabble.

Fandom: BtVS
Timeline: S6, during DMP
Summary: Ever wondered whether the rat cage was ever used again?
POV: Amy Madison, post-rat


He could have shown a little more enthusiasm. Really, he could. She'd been prepared for an initial reaction of stunned disbelief, but had imagined it would be followed by unmitigated, unfathomable joy soon after. Wasn't that how fathers were supposed to behave when their long-lost little one turned up on their doorstep?

Well, her father hadn't; in fact, all she'd gotten from him had been an incredulous “You're as crazy as your mother!” when she told him how she'd been living in a rat cage. Which was why he was currently treading the wheel she'd been turning for years.
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Goodbye 2004, hello 2005!

With 18 more minutes to go before the Year of Our Lord 2005, let me just take this opportunity to wish everyone on my flist, everyone on my flist's flist, and everyone not on any flist at all but still reading this,


May all the good things you wish on others come back to you tenfold!

Right -- is there any more of that champers left?
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