January 17th, 2005

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Today is Mum's 71st birthday. Poor Mum! She says that it feels old, to be 71; quite different from 69 or 70. It's probably the fall-out from her recent bereavements speaking, though.

Unfortunately, I have no such excuse, and yet I feel old beyond belief. Positively ancient. I've got all these aches and pains (which lead me to suspect I might be coming down with something, although I could have just over-done it on the yoga this weekend), and I'm just so damn tired all the time. I kid you not: I have gone to bed before 9 on several nights this week, slept till 6 and still I've woken up dead tired!

Thank goodness I've only got to soldier on for two more days. I'll be flying into Gatwick on Thursday, and leave all worries behind for a day or two. I'm quite excited at the thought of seeing my first real Panto on Sunday in the company of bogwitch, calove and hesadevil, who I'm sure will get me to shout "He's behind you!" the loudest. Too bad that when I get back, my next break won't be until April (which reminds me, I'd better book those days off pronto).

Ten days from now, it will be the First Annual LiveJournal Rabbit Hole Day. Collapse )


The Great LiveJournal
Outage of 2005

During the outage I relaxed with a book and some good music.

What did you do?

Brought to you by geek-foo

...but it wasn't as unmitigated a pleasure as I had hoped. I kept wishing LJ would come back up again and save me from the boredom I experienced reading my book and listening to good music.
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