February 15th, 2005

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April Fools come early?

Idly surfing the web in my lunchbreak, I come across this story, and wonder...this has got to be some kind of joke, right? I mean, come on!

But if it is a genuine news story -- watch out! I'm going to get myself down to that Patent Office so fast, you won't see me for dust -- and I'll take out an all-encompassing patent on copulation, covering all possible pairings and positions.

Wheeeee! I'm going to be richer than Bill Gates! :-D
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My e-mail doesn't want to know me. Bloody refuses to let me in. And I've got a sneaking suspicion it may have something to do with that update my virus checker ran last night while I wasn't looking. I knew I should never have let that Russian piece of crap anywhere near my system, but did I listen to my inner misgivings? Did I, buggery!

I just know there's tons of mail waiting for me, tons! Well, maybe not tons, but one or two surely...and not being able to check on them is driving me barmy. Grr! I hate this.

On a different note: I've just discovered badbuffyfic, and mine eyes have been opened. With every story I read, the feeling grows more insistent: I can do that! I can do that easy. Look out world! There's a bad!fic writer in me clamouring to be let out.
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