February 27th, 2005


Moggies, movies, and memes

Are there any plants that cats don't like to nibble at, rip to shreds, and dig out? My lot have killed every plant I previously owned, except for the mother-in-law's tongue, and that's only surviving out of sheer stubbornness...Yesterday, I took a Madagascar dragon tree home with me. It looked wonderful. This morning, however, it looks pitiful.

I've tried to distract them with catnip. It doesn't work. They'll just savage that in addition to savaging the other potted plants. I'm reaching the end of my tether. And it's not just plants, it's fresh flowers, too. I haven't been able to enjoy a bunch of flowers, or a Christmas tree for that matter, for 4 years now; not since Leila and Clio came to live with me. Aloysius, my sainted and much-missed black tom cat (deceased), was never this much of a handful. He didn't wreck the furniture, either...Am I just unlucky in my present brace of cats, or was my darling boy uncommonly well-behaved?

I do believe that it's time for the Oscars again this weekend. Not that I care two figs, but it'll do for an excuse to inflict this movie meme that I nicked from elsaf on you:

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And, as this meme sort of ties in with the previous one:

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