May 12th, 2005

offstage lines

Yay!...and not so yay

My photos came back from the developers, 10 days late, and very sloppily digitalised -- that's the last time I'll be making use of my local supermarket's cheap and easy process!

Still, last night I thought to give you all a chance to view them in all their blurry and weirdly cut beauty; but halfway through uploading them, a network error was encountered, and the server could no longer be found. My DSL box's lights came on steady, and as they usually flash, I could immediately deduce that something was wrong. Unfortunately, this morning, my provider's servers were apparently still down...I can't reach them from work either, so at least I'm confident it's nothing I did.

Anyhoo -- I managed to upload 74 of my pictures to Shutterfly, but now I can't work out how to share the album, and as it's incomplete...(I've still got all the Corn Mo, half the Liverpool, and all the miscellaneous to add to it -- including the one of you messing about with the speakers, freakspawn: it came out fine!), but I'll share some of my favourites with you here now, the old-fashioned way:

Collapse )

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Yes, I know they're blurry -- those pesky boys just wouldn't stand still!