June 6th, 2005

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Frank Zappa and Michigan

I wonder how they made it onto the list? To be honest, I've never really taken the time to listen to the first, and I've not had much occasion to think about the latter, so I can't be sure it isn't one of my sekrit-from-myself-even interests...Hee. The TARDIS -- well, I've got no gripe with that!

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Speaking of the TARDIS, what a delight Boom Town was. I like how character driven this present series of Dr. Who is, and I'm revelling in the relationships between the Doctor and Rose (OTP), between the Doctor, Rose and Jack (OT3), and the dawning understanding between the Doctor and his opponents (the last Dalek, the last Slitheen). I'm intrigued by the Bad Wolf references, but not sure they're not a red herring. And above all, I love the visuals of this new series, it seems like no expense has been spared to make the explosions that much more impressive, and the insides of the TARDIS that much more alien and organic, esp. when I compare it to how things were for the Doctor of my youth (Tom Baker). In his day, the explosions just created a bit of smoke, and the TARDIS looked just like an average 70s, Blake's 7-ish type set. The shoddiness of which didn't prevent me from hiding behind the sofa when things got really scary, though!

But I love how Nine isn't simply pitted against another Space Invader every week, and how he then saves the day by simply being more of a clever clogs with a sonic screwdriver to hand. This series has given us more of a backstory to the character, even if it's only hinted at and never truly explained; and for the first time in my Doctor-watching life, my attention is drawn to the sidekicks and their stories, independent of the Doctor, too.

I love this show. And after 3 decades of it having been Tom Baker, Chris Eccleston is now my favourite Doctor of all.
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