June 15th, 2005

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Oh noes!

As if realising that I've got yet another birthday bash I can't get out of coming up this Saturday, making me miss the final episode of Doctor Who as it airs, a quick peek at the TV listings resulted in the shocking news that they'll be

'(..) introducing David Tennant as the tenth Doctor...'

Oh crap...

And I had so been looking forward to seeing Chris one last time in the Christmas Special, too.

Oh well. After suffering this psychological blow, I was in need of some serious retail therapy. I've ordered the DVDs of every single film he's been in and that Amazon stock, and will spend the summer happily watching them and be amazed that an actor of his range and brilliance has flown under my radar for so long.
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Moodtheme won't load

Alright, I give up: what is wrong NOW?


This command takes exactly 5 arguments. Consult the reference.

moodtheme_setpic mood_id 101561 21 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v75/gamiila/Who/jubilant.jpg 100 60


This command takes exactly 5 arguments. Consult the reference.

I just can't seem to upload a new moodtheme. Neither the gorgeous Lost-one that meivocis made, nor this Dr. Who-one by _kali_...either it tells me I don't own the theme, or to 'Consult the reference'...but then it doesn't say where I can find the bloody reference, does it? And the FAQ is bugger-all use...

Anyone have any clue as to what I should do?

ETA: YAY! Result! Thanks to meivocis's helpful suggestion, I have now finally managed to upload another moodtheme! Tomorrow, Lost...

ETA2: How stupid am I? mood_id is not a valid command! Tshhh...
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