July 1st, 2005


Mixed bag

* Nearly two months after I accidentally blocked my mobile, I've stumbled across the unblocking code, and hey presto! I can use my phone again! Though it must be said, that I haven't really missed it while I was without. I just don't use it all that much. Come to think of it, I don't use my landline all that much, either. Days can go by without me phoning a single soul. And why should I? I've got e-mail ;-)

* I miss Manasse. He's usually the first to greet me in the morning, and get me out of bed because his bowl needs filling or his litterbox needs changing, and I miss seeing him weave and dance expectantly across my path to the kitchen. Meanwhile, Leila still spends most of her time under the sofa -- which is where I came to find the unblocking code, btw.

* I'm worried I may be spending too much time online. I'm in my lunchbreak, and what am I doing? Correctamundo - typing this up. Do I need to do this now? No. Do I have anything of importance to impart? No. But as some people are said to like the sound of their own voice, I like the sound of my own typing. Only -- not really. Or not particularly. I just hate to be away from my LJ, you know?

* I desperately need a haircut. Unfortunately, I haven't got the time to make an appointment with or go see the hairdresser. Consequently, I look a fright.

* Provided the weather holds, I'm looking forward to taking tea in the garden with db2305 tomorrow afternoon. It's been too long since we last shared a fannish chat. Wonder if she's watched Doctor Who at all?

* Home Affairs still haven't rung...:(

* I'm très impressed with my flist's knowledge of obscure-ish lyrics -- after 2 days, the only ones left to play with are:

Collapse )

* And speaking of my flist, I missed two birthdays last month: fenchurche's and meko00's. Sorry, girls -- you'd think with all the alerts and resources available to me, I'd be better at remembering, but no....I'm just hopeless at that sort of thing. However, on the rare occasions that through some quirk of fate I do take notice of what day it is, my congratulations go unnoticed and so that evens out the score again. ::takes a pointy stick and prods desdemonaspace with it::
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