July 28th, 2005

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Going round the twist

I just can't seem to get James Blunt's 'You're Beautiful' out of my head, which is a sure sign that I've been watching too many Doctor Who fan vids lately. It's a lovely song, and so are its companions (hee! companions!) 'Goodbye My Lover' and 'Cry', but for the love of God, can't they just shut up already? Between the three of them, they're driving me barmy.

So I caved in last night, and bought the album from the iTunes store, hoping that by adding it to My Library, I might finally erase it from my mind -- but so far it hasn't worked...and even though as I've said it's a perfectly lovely song, by now I'm heartily sick of it!

Meanwhile, I'm fairly confident as to what the near future will bring. I woke up in a cold sweat last night remembering some of the embarrassing things I'd said during my interview, why I don't know -I'm through, what do I care what I said or didn't say?-, and in the end got up and e-mailed Tinny to tell her the good news. Now she's just got back to me with congratulations and an offer to take time out of her schedule and coach me for the assessment centre, free of charge. I think I may just take her up on that!

I still can't quite believe my good fortune. I suspect something funny may be going on: just the other day, the bus driver told me to put my money away when I wanted to pay for my ticket, the Home Office seem eager to welcome me into the fold, and now my therapist offers practical help for the sheer heck of it -- people are so nice to me, I can't help thinking there must be a catch somewhere...
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Count to Ten

Let me begin by saying that I loved Nine. I loved his goofy grin, and his leather jacket. I loved his compassion. I loved his dark side, I loved his sadness, and his silliness, his jealousy and his superiority, his honest belief in his own impressiveness. I loved his impatience and enthusiasm, his seriousness and his curious nature, and most of all, his unending propensity for love and frienship, pure and simple.

I loved his aversion to domesticity, and his bafflement at and admiration for the human race, his sense of duty and his commitment to the principles of time and space and truth and right and his tireless efforts to keep the world, the earth, the universe and every living thing in it (or every living thing that wasn't a Dalek), alive.

I loved Nine, and I loved the portrayal of him by Christopher Eccleston. A finer actor never breathed life into this Time Lord of ours.

I cried when he gave his life to save Rose's, and even though I hated him for leaving us, I loved him for the nobility of his action; for the unselfish, unending love it expressed. But when the regeneration came to a close and Ten emerged, flashing a huge smile at Rose and saying "Where was I?", I took an instant dislike to him.

For weeks, I couldn't believe that I would ever truly forgive Ten for taking over from Nine. I swore that Nine would be my Doctor forever and ever. I could see myself accepting Ten only because I knew we would never again see Nine return, and I've come to be of the opinion that any Doctor is better than no Doctor at all.

Then there was the 2 minute Glastonbury interview with geek!David, and the first chink started to appear in my armour. Recently, there have been the publicity shots and press releases focusing on the new Doctor's wardrobe...which I didn't really care for in the beginning as it seemed to me to be regressing a bit to the silly suited Doctors of the 80s and 90s (Five, Six, Seven and Eight -- I never saw One, Two or Three in action; and Four I loved because he was the Doctor I grew up with, and loving Four meant loving his attire, too). But I've since had a closer look and it's not that bad, really...

But it wasn't until I saw the pictures taken at yesterday's Christmas Invasion shoot in Camberwell that I finally thawed towards Ten. Look! him and Rose -- they're holding hands...awww. How cute, heart-warming, and uplifting is that? He may just prove to be a worthy successor to Nine, after all.

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