August 29th, 2005



4 More hours...Then I'll know whether the report that will be sent to the Home Office HR department will be favourable or not. I'm hoping, praying even, that I won't be disappointed. I've looked at my performance in the assessment every way I could this past week, and apart from some minor points, I can't think of any reason why they would not recommend me. I carried out the tasks they set me, I answered their questions honestly, I dealt with the stress. I may have been rather nervous, but under the circumstances, that was to be expected, wasn't it? Of course, I don't know how the others did, whether they did better in the tests, or had more of a poker face than I...

I took Leila to the vet's this morning. That cat -- if it's not one thing, it's another. She appears to have somehow injured her hind leg. Poor Leila; it would seem that the washing machine is not such a safe place to hide, after all. I did the laundry 2 days ago, and somehow Leila managed to get herself drenched in soapy water. I didn't think anything of it, but when she'd dried out and her fur stuck every which way, I decided to give her a bath. She fought me tooth and nail. The next day, she still looked a fright so I bathed her again, this time noticing that she only started to yell and claw her way out of the sink if I touched her right leg. Last night, I noticed she wasn't putting any weight on that leg, and this morning, when she almost ripped me to shreds as I was trying to get the last of the soap out of her fur, I noticed that the leg was swollen and hot to the touch, as if an infection had set in. So I took her to the vet's and sure enough, it seems she must have got stuck, and in trying to free herself twisted her leg, and pulled one or two muscles. This is probably when she fell in the water. My manipulating her to get her cleaned up hasn't helped either, and now she's on a course of anti-biotics and painkillers. It should clear up within 10 days; if not, we'll have to have her x-rayed.

I told the vet all about our excursion to the outlet centre yesterday, and she told me about her shopping trips to Lille (Northern France); and this conversation reminded me that I hadn't shown you the best of my loot. Well, here it is: my gorgeous coat

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Also, that last picture gives an indication of how and where I store my shoes. Yes, there's shoe boxes littered all over my place, though I do tend to keep most of them in my bedroom.
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Over to you, Home Office

I have the psychological report in front of me. It's neither good nor bad, but somewhere inbetween. I 'score' highly on sociability and the ability to deal with stress; sufficiently well on academic level, learning ability, teamwork, creativity, flexibility, initiative and awareness of what goes on in the world around me; slightly less well, but still adequately enough, on verbal and written communication, information analysis, judgment and result orientedness; and not so well on interpersonal sensitivity, though they wouldn't exactly call it a weakness.

I have a tendency to talk too much. I'm rational and tend to base my findings on fact. I don't always take other people's feelings into consideration when making my decisions or recommendations. I'm extraverted, self-assured, and calm. I'm open towards and interested in other people and their opinions. I'm flexible and non-conformist in my work, I have a rough idea of where I want to get to and how, but I'm loathe to commit to a tight agenda and strict planning beforehand. Instead, I tend to think and act on my feet. I'm good at determining a problem, giving broad outlines as to how to arrive at a solution, coming up with several ideas, but not good at filling in the details. In fact, it seems as if I'm not always that interested in dealing with the minutiae.

Tomorrow, this report will be sent to the Home Office by courier. Then there will be a meeting this Wednesday, where all the reports and the written test, the policy note we had to write, will be assessed and where the decision as to who to invite on to the next stage will be taken. I expect I'll hear one way or the other by the end of the week or the beginning of the next.

And so the waiting begins once more.