September 6th, 2005

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ABC - gacked fron superplin

A - Accent: In my mother tongue, I have no accent. That is to say, that if I have one, it's Standard Dutch, and cultured. I can do both my hometown's accents, though -- and when I was younger, used to drive my mother up the wall when slipping into the lower or working class one for a lark. When I'm speaking English, people usually have a hard time figuring out where I'm from, as my accent's sort of gacked from all over the place.
B - Bra Size: That's a pretty impertinent question! Not sure I want to answer that, today or any day...
C - Chore you hate: Pretty much all of them, but the ones I hate most are the ones that involve the cleaning of any kind of hard surface (with water and/or scouring substances), dusting, and/or polishing. And I much prefer to go out and buy clothes than run an iron over them.
D - Dad's name: Izaak Levinus -- he prefers to be called Jacques, though.
E - Essential make-up: Face powder. Something to take the shine off my nose -- even if there isn't much of a shine to it at all. But taking out my powder box is second nature, a ritual I've learnt at my mother's knee...It's funny, but when I think of my mother and how she was or seemed to me when I was little, it's the smell of her face powder and the image of her holding her compact to her face. She used to wear a blue/black tweed coat that had a black fur collar; and that collar, which smelled of her skin and her powder and which had a lovely soft texture, is the thing I remember best and associate with the word 'mother' first.
F - Favorite perfume: I have several. My first boyfriend always made sure I was never out of Rive Gauche (YSL); but since then, I've expanded my taste and collection to include Poème (Lancôme), Organza (Givenchy) and Parfum d'Été (Kenzo). The last one smells of freshly mown grass; the others are somewhat sweeter with citrus-y undertones, but they're all very light and fleeting, which I like. I don't like perfumes to be overpowering, overwhelming, over-present in their scent.
G - Gold or silver: Up until a few years ago, I would have opted for silver every time. But nowadays, I wear gold too.
H - Hometown: 's-Gravenhage, known colloquially as Den Haag, and internationally as The Hague/La Haie/La Haya.
I - Insomnia: Thankfully, not a condition I'm intimately acquainted with; although occasionally, e.g. when I have an assessment or an interview the next day, I will keep myself awake rehearsing my answers to every question I could conceivably be asked.
J - Job Title: Product Portfolio Manager.
K - Kids: No, although I do like and sometimes even love kids, and seem to attract them like a magnet.
L - Living arrangements: I love my apartment with its parquetry floors and huge windows. The kitchen could be a tad bigger and the bathroom's a pretty basic relic from the 70s, but I can live with these minor shortcomings.
M - Mom's birthplace: Batavia, Java, Dutch East Indies. Nowadays known as Jakarta, still on Java, in Indonesia.
N - Favorite Noldo: I have no idea what this means, and thus I suspect I don't have a favourite.
O - Overnight hospital stay: Several, once for an angiogram and some six or seven times to deal with the tumour pressing on my optic nerve.
P - Phobia: I used to hate having to make phone calls -- even to people I knew. I'm still a bit like that, worried that I might call at an inconvenient time (I will not call at dinner time or after 10 pm), but have no such compunction when at the office. My job requires that I use the phone a lot. Still, I prefer e-mail...
Q - Favorite quote: Basically, the one I'm using as a subtitle to this journal: "Reality -- I don't think so, not yet." I got it off the sleeve notes to Dexys Midnight Runners' 1980 album Searching For The Young Soul Rebels.
R - Religious affiliation: Lapsed Catholic with strong ecumenical leanings.
S - Siblings: One sister, 1 year younger. Complicated relationship, and although we're generally friendly towards each other when we meet, we're far from close.
T - Time I get up: 6 a.m.; and even though I have an alarm, I almost never set it -- I tend to wake up around 5:30 every morning.
U - Unnatural hair colors: I have been all over the spectrum, from blonde to red to purple, including various combinations thereof. Current unnatural combination closely mimics my natural shade of dark brown with golden-y highlights.
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat: Leeks. They're horrible-tasting.
W - Worst habit: Hmm. I'm sure I must have one, eludes me.
X - X-rays I've had: One or two -- but mostly, I have experience of CAT and MRI scans.
Y - Yummy foods you make: Rijsttafel. Polpettone. Tomato soup.
Z - Zodiac sign: Leo, with Capricorn rising. Of course.
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