September 21st, 2005

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No head for hats

Don’t know what the world, or more specifically, my country, is coming to – but this morning at the bus stop, I happened to eavesdrop on a conversation between five red-blooded young males of the teenage variety on their way to school, and do you know what they were talking about? It wasn’t the football results. It wasn’t cars or any other form of motorised transport. It wasn’t even an upcoming German test they hadn’t studied for, or something. No, it was hats. Ladies’ hats.

You see, yesterday was Prinsjesdag, a day of pomp and circumstance when the Queen opens Parliament and reads out an address in which the government sets out its plans for the coming year. And all the women MPs dress up for it, making the corridors of power look like Ladies’ Day at Ascot for the day…with one crucial difference: with one or two exceptions, Dutch women don’t know how to wear hats. They often make entirely the wrong choices: their hats are either too ostentatious or too bland…rarely suit their owner’s faces and on the whole, are just too cheap and tacky.

No wonder the boys at the bus stop were scathing in their condemnation – which bodes well for the future in that they’ll probably grow up not afraid to tell their wives/partners that they look silly in hats, but OTOH…could they really not find a more manly topic of conversation?

In other news, I've decided to give Desperate Housewives another chance. For some reason, about half way through last season, I kept forgetting when it was on (same as with Lost, really), and even though I've already missed the first two episodes of S2, I happened to see the third yesterday and was quite entertained by it, so I'll try to remember it's on Tuesday nights. Which is the same night Gilmore Girls is on, making it easily the best night in the week for staying in to watch TV.
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