October 3rd, 2005

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Quick update

Met with the company doctor early this afternoon. She's supported my decision to take the week off, and has recommended a meeting take place between HR, myself, my manager and Tinny as soon as possible.

Came home and found a reply to my e-mail from HR, saying they'd like to have a meeting with me, my manager and Tinny and propose we do this either Thursday or Friday, which clashes with my CoRo-outing so I've just mailed them back asking to postpone it a week.

Picked up a This Is Spinal Tap!-DVD for next to nothing, and have been holding my sides laughing for the last hour or so, but -- still no sign of my Dr. Who 2005-book that I ordered 3 weeks ago :(

Oh, and I haven't made any arrangements to rest my weary head when we come back to London on Sunday yet...but I reckon the Jim will be able to put me up for the night. I'll sort it out when I get there.

BTW, Leila, that silly cat, is completely over whatever it was spooked her 5 months ago, and made her hide behind the washing machine or under the sofa for all that time.
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