November 8th, 2005

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My pretties

I missed my train. This was a bad thing, as after a hard day's work, I wanted nothing so much as to get home. With half an hour's wait on my hands, I went shopping. And that's when the good thing happened: I found a pretty, pretty black ankle-length frilly skirt, with a split in the front. I call it my witchy skirt, as the hem is not just frilly, but kind of zig-zag, too. Wearing it makes me feel very feminine, yet at the same time very powerful -- it's come hither, but at your own peril. It's Teh Pretty. Me likey. (So what if it cost a bundle?)

And after last night's Much Ado About Nothing, I am reminded that Damian Lewis is Teh Pretty, too.
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    'The Boy who Cried Wolf'- The Style Council