November 24th, 2005

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Pre-movie squee

After some frantic e-mail exchanges and several changes of plan, it's finally going to happen: monanotlisa and witchsis will be driving down to Utrecht tomorrow night to meet with db2305 and me, and we will all go to the pictures together! And not just any picture, either, no sirree - we are going to see Serenity, which has at long f*cking last come to a theatre near us!

I've been wanting to see this film for ages, partly because everyone on my flist has been talking and waxing lyrical about it incessantly, and partly because I've always regretted not having had much of a chance to watch Firefly when it was on earlier in the year...or was that last year? There was some talk of us CoRo groupies going to see it in Glasgow last month, but we soon realised that wasn't really an option what with the long trek back down ahead of us -- and then they all went and saw it without me! Biatches!

Too bad I have to work all day, though. I could have done with meeting up and having a natter beforehand.

And in other news, these words from David Tennant's lips made me squee liek woah:

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