November 27th, 2005

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I'm a leaf on the wind

Fortune did not favour us on Friday when db2305 and I were supposed to have seen Serenity with monanotlisa and friend...only severe and very freaky storms (rain, hail and snow) raging all day threw a spanner in the works. Most services on the railways were either severely delayed or got cancelled altogether, making it impossible for me to get to Utrecht; and even if they had managed to borrow a car from someone, chances are monanotlisa and witchsis would not have made it either, as according to reports, there was a total of 802 kms (ca. 500 miles) of tailbacks clogging up the Dutch motorways stretching all the way to the German border. And so, we had no option but to fall back on Plan B -- wait till the storms passed and then go and see it the next day, just the two of us.

I perhaps should explain that even though I was aware of Firefly airing in The Netherlands last season, I somehow always managed to miss it. I saw the very first episode, and bits of one or two more later on, which resulted in me coming to Serenity with very little backstory and no idea what to expect. And I was pleasantly surprised.

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By the way, although our planned outing fell though on Friday, for me the day didn't end in a total wash-out: when I arrived home, late and soaking wet, I found that a TARDIS had landed right in front of my door. That's right: my special edition box set had arrived, and now all I need is an opportunity for uninterrupted viewing.