March 10th, 2006


Please don't let me piss my money away!

What do we think of 3/4 length trousers? More specifically, what do we think of these Collapse ) 3/4 length trousers? I saw them in a boutique today and believe me, they look much better in reality than in this picture. They've got all these zippers on them and they're camouflage...I haven't got any camo duds yet...

And can I just ask you, since I'm about to go piss my money away anyway, your honest opinion about the Lacoste 'Club'-range in shoes; more specifically, the so-called 'Legacy' and 'Klimt' models? I tried them on and they're so bloody comfy, the leather uppers just so incredibly soft, that I'm seriously tempted...but...I don't know, don't you think they're a little too pedestrian for me?