May 14th, 2006

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Mothering Sunday

...or Mother's Day, whichever you want to call it. I went round to Mum's and naturally, found the rest of the family there too. I had hardly sat down when my 4-year old nephew, carrying a fly-swatter in each hand and explaining that they were swords, challenged me to a duel. For the next few minutes, I didn't let him touch me, and whooped his butt in the process while his mother and brother laughed and told him that for once, he'd picked the wrong person to fight. Didn't he know his aunt could fence?

Of course he didn't. I gave up fencing years ago, and I kind of felt sorry that without really meaning to, I had blocked his every attack; so I got up out of my chair, intending to put a stop to our sparring. Romeo looked around him, uncertain for a moment, then attacked with renewed vigour, and again, I reacted in the same way, blocking his moves and parrying his strokes, all the while easily scoring hit after hit on his little torso and buttocks. I had just decided I would let him get past my defenses on his next try before he got totally humiliated, when I noticed that he had suddenly started to mirror me, dropping into position (though not quite into the proper balance yet) and putting his body behind his fly-swatter arm, thereby presenting much less of a target, before coming at me again. We crossed swatters like this for a few more minutes before I let him hit me in the stomach, after which I made a great show of having been killed ded, and Romeo was cock-a-hoop again. But I've got to hand it to him: the boy shows promise. Maybe we should nurture that.

Now, can anybody tell me: how the devil do I get those mp3-s to download onto my player? You'd think there'd be a chapter in the User's Guide, but no.