May 23rd, 2006


In which I talk about hats and designer clothing

Best Friend had invited me to another evening at her club last night, where she had organised a dinner around a theme, and the theme was 'Fashion'. She had invited a designer, Peter Rommers, and the Queen's milliner, Suzanne Moulijn, to give us a talk and a preview of their new collections. They had brought samples of their work and throughout the night inbetween courses, the younger and more perfectly sized ladies among us would disappear into the powder room and come out decked in finery, while the riper, more mature ladies lined up to try on all kinds of hats.

During his talk, Peter emphasized that his clothing was 'made to measure', yet the film he showed us and the posters all around us only showed women who were a perfect 10, or 8 even. So I was a bit sceptical and asked him whether 'made to measure' meant 'anything under a size 12', and he said he was glad I'd asked him that because it most definitely did not mean that, that it was just the agreed standard for presenting new collections in the fashion world, and that he could understand how it might put people off, for which he was most heartily sorry. He invited me to his studio, and later, over dinner, reiterated that I would be most welcome there anytime....perhaps for that special occasion?

I'm afraid I can't afford his prices, but still - it's nice to be treated, for once, as if I could.
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