June 27th, 2006


O2 Wireless, Depeche Mode, 25/06/06

Of course, I'd forgotten to check if my batteries were still fully charged by the time I got to Hyde Park...and it turned out they weren't. Two cameras I had with me, and both refused service on the day. It's alright though: my companions all took photos, and I'm sure they'll put them up soon if they haven't already (see bogwitch's journal for an impression of the line-up).

But just before the end though, in the middle of DM's encore, something made me take out my camera and try it one more time...and this is the result, before the screen turned red and gave the "Batteries Depleted...Camera Shutting Down"-warning.

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guitar man

A day in the park

I got to London in good time and perfect weather conditions, and as I was feeling much much better thanks to the painkillers and the physiotherapist's attentions of the previous day, was travelling light and had no real time constraints, I decided to take a detour on my way to bogwitch's through Oxford St in search of a pair of fashionable and much needed sunglasses. And as I was thus preoccupied, who should I bump into but Mr. Damian Lewis coming out of John Lewis just as I was wandering in? Not even in town 2 minutes and already I've spotted my first celeb!

A pair of River Island sunglasses the richer, I caught the train to Hemel Hempstead which on the way up filled to overflowing with squeeing fangirls en route to the Take That concert in Milton Keynes, and my thoughts turned to anonypooh and love_by_137 who I knew would also be going, and hoping they'd have a fantastic time as I now know they have had -- check out anonypooh's post on the matter complete with pictures and video!

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When Monday dawned, grey and wet, bogwitch and I were up early, had a croissant for breakfast, and knocked up Lorna and Jo who were still abed at 9am! Lisa left while I nagged the others into getting washed and dressed, and then the three of us checked out and went for an early lunch (for me)/breakfast (them) in a trendy café in Islington. We had such a good time that we forgot the ticking of the clock, and Jo and Lorna missed their coach by 10 minutes as a result. They didn't seem to mind too much though; new arrangements were made quickly, and we said goodbye on the tube as they went to catch the train to Coventry, and I went on to catch mine to the airport. Where I had to kick my heels for 4 hours because my plane was delayed, giving me ample time to pick and choose a new pair of shoes at Kurt Geiger, duty free.

But guess what? We've made plans to meet up again in August, to go see Beneva, and Guys and Dolls starring Patrick Swayze!