August 6th, 2006


It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to

Only I won't. But I do have an announcement to make:

Thanks to the interference of those who maintain LJ, and have set the default to 'Do Not Display Date Of Birth' without telling anyone (well, without telling me for starters), I daresay no one knows or remembers that today is, in fact, my birthday.

Indeed, from 7:31 pm it will have been exactly 44 years ago that I came into this world, the first child and eldest daughter of Jacques van W. (33) and Willy van G. (28), who at the time of my birth lived with my maternal grandmother in The Hague.

Anyway, you can leave your felicitations here ;-)

ETA: special, warm thanks to josephine64 for her lovely card. I'm really touched.
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Surprise birthday present!

This is why bogwitch totally rocks: she made me a wallpaper...and she doesn't even like Nine! Which is not to say that she hates him, either, it's just that she doesn't see the attraction, which is fair enough; as I don't care for Ten, while other people do ::blathering::

But look at this work of art -- isn't it fantastic?

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She's used all my favourite colours in it, too...and has offered to turn it into an icon/banner for me if I so much as say the word...How can I ever repay such generosity?

Thank you, bogwitch, from the bottom of my heart!
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