August 13th, 2006

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A job well done

After putting it off for a whole week, I have finally gone and painted the kitchen. I am now paint-spattered, dead tired, and aching all over, but I can't remember my kitchen ever having been so spotlessly and blindingly white before. Since it leads off from the lounge, I am now faced with the dilemma of carrying on the good work in the living room as well. Why should this be a dilemma? Because the lounge is about 4 times as big as the kitchen! And when I'm done with that, there's still the hall, the bathroom, the toilet and two bedrooms, all interconnecting in one way or another...

But for now, the kitchen is done. I've also managed to drill a few holes and hang a few pictures, that had been leaning against the wall waiting to be put up for several years, and this makes me feel all manner of pleased with myself.

Off to shower and bed now I think, and hopefully, the cats will let me have a lie-in.