September 5th, 2006

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These trousers really aren't doing anything for me, except make me look fat, or fatter...Don't know why I chose to wear them since I've recently purchased not one but three pairs of quite nice trousers really, and all they've done for the last couple of weeks is just sit in my wardrobe...don't think I've even taken them out of their carrier bag yet. There was a time I cared about looking good at work (actually, there was a time I cared about looking good, full stop), but these days, I just can't be arsed. Some mornings, I even resent the 30 seconds it takes to put my mascara on.

But now that I'm here...I do look frumpy. And middle-aged. What business has Madge got, nearing 50 and still looking as good as she does? It's so unfair.