February 4th, 2007


"I wanna wake up in a city that doesn't sleep"

And so another weekend draws to a close. Another weekend in which nothing much has happened; certainly nothing out of the ordinary, unless me breaking the blinds counts as such. As I'm having double glazing put in on Tuesday, I wanted to see how my blinds came off. I hadn't put them up, so I didn't know exactly how they were attached. Only one way to find out: I climbed on a ladder and started looking for clues. And then I started feeling for clues, or hooks, or... And then...then I started pulling the damn thing. And it came down. And it broke. Only then did I realise how I should have gone about it: I should have had two people pulling it from both ends simultaneously, with possibly a third in the middle. As things stand though, on Tuesday evening, I will have a lovely new expanse of window spanning the height and breadth of my flat -- but no blinds to cover it with. Damnit! These were bespoke ones, made to measure, and will cost me a small fortune to replace. A small fortune that I cannot spare, because...

...I'm going to New York! Indeed, I will touch down at JFK in 6 1/2 weeks! It's been 2 1/2 years since I've been there last and I need to see if it has changed. I'll be roaming its streets, checking out its shoe stores, sampling its bagels and slurping its coffee in the company of my travelling companion anonypooh between March 22nd and 29th. In our heart of hearts, we're hoping to catch a Common Rotation gig while we're there; but just in case they can't make it to NYC around that time, we'll be going to Philadelphia on the weekend and see them there. As I've never been to The City of Brotherly Love before, that's one particular outing I'm quite looking forward to.