June 24th, 2007

awkward moment

Breaking the habit of a lifetime

My first ever batch of vegetable muffins have just come out of the oven. They smell divine and are surprisingly tasty. I never would have thought...

I've stocked up my fridge with fish and chicken breast. The vegetable drawer is full to overflowing with tomatoes and red, yellow and green peppers, cucumbers, rocket and lettuce, and eggs; and I've thrown out all those foodstuffs I'm not supposed to eat in the next fortnight. No bread. No chocolate. No fruit. No pasta. No rice. No potatoes. No carrots. No yoghurt. No cereals. All my favourite fruit juices and fizzy drinks have gone, and been replaced by cool, clear water.

It's all in a good cause, but I can't help feeling sad. By golly, those scales had better show a weightloss by the time I go into hospital! Right now though, I'm going to savour my last ever cappucino.
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    'Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder' - Jason Webley
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