September 28th, 2007


A gift horse

Over the last few weeks, all my trousers have turned themselves into hipsters...which would be alright if their crotches hadn't dropped with them, and are now habitually to be found halfway down my thighs. So I decided, on this my last day of my sick leave, to go into town and buy a new pair that would fit. On the way, I pictured every pair of trousers that I have in my wardrobe and concluded that I had more than enough slacks in grey, brown and khaki, and as for denim: I definitely didn't want another pair of bluejeans. I was going to find another colour trousers!

I brought home another pair of bluejeans.::headdesk::

They do stay up without the aid of a belt, though.

Meanwhile, my sister has given me these as a thankyou for me minding my nephew for two days:

She thinks they're me, while I'm not entirely sure what to make of them.