November 17th, 2007

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I felt a bit worse for wear this morning -- we'd had a so-called 'team event', i.e. dinner and drinks on Jobsworth's company credit card, which had unexpectedly turned out to be quite jolly and fun.

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It had gotten quite late, and as soon as I opened my eyes I wanted to close them again, but I reminded myself I had to get into town and exchange my broken 20Gb Creative Zen Touch for a 60Gb Creative Zen Vision:M -- Paul, the sales assistant at Dixons had called while I was in Coventry to tell me his quest for a 30Gb replacement had utterly failed, and offered to trade in my old, useless mp3-player for the 60Gb alternative instead if I would just agree to pay the difference. This was a far better offer than the one I'd received from Creative themselves, who had offered to send out a refurbished 30Gb model at a cost of 135 euros, so I'd jumped at it...and I am now in proud possession of a brand new mp4-player with room for 15,000 songs or lots of videos. The price? One knackered Creative Zen Touch and 46 euros 49.

To celebrate my good fortune, I bought a pair of very cute black velvet shorts, perfect for the holidays, and an adorable pair of black leather pumps with a little pink ribbon & bow:

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