December 6th, 2007

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Have you ever noticed how, when people are waiting for you, public transport always conspires to make you be late?

Poor little Romeo had to wait until I got there before he could open his presents, and of course I missed my train, because the bus driver refused to move from a stop until the two ladies who had got on and breezed past her come back up front to show her their valid tickets. Unfortunately, they were foreigners (Italians) without a word of Dutch, and it took them a while to suss out why the bus wasn't moving.

The suspense was killing Romeo, and he called me on my mobile several times to hear how long I was going to be. I don't think there is anything in the world can make you feel worse than the disappointment you can hear in the voice of a beloved child.

My other nephew Mick called too, to ask if I could delay my arrival even more, and play the part of Zwarte Piet...sure enough, when I arrived, there was a big sack full of presents on their doorstep. I added mine, then knocked on the door with all my might, and ran away. I waited five minutes before I went back, and caught Romeo trying to ring me again, all excitement: I had just missed Sinterklaas! "Oh no darling", I said, "I just saw him in the street." But Romeo wasn't listening; he was far too busy handing out presents to everyone. He wouldn't even let me take off my coat before he handed me my first one.