December 28th, 2007

she always wished for shoes

Last shoe post of the year (DV)

I spent an uncomfortable night due to the exertions of the day before, and woke up with a strong desire to go out and buy myself a pair of black suede boots. Considering the recent state of my bank balance, I wasn't going to give in to this desire, but then my father called to tell me that he was out of cigarettes again. There are many shoe shops between my place and my father's...

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They aren't exactly what I had in mind...granted, they are black and made of suede, but they are a bit more butch than I had intended. Also, they're Tommy Hilfiger. I don't like Tommy Hilfiger, I don't own a scrap of clothing bearing that label. Strangely enough, I do like these boots of his, though...very much.

Birthday shout-outs today to curiouswombat, skylar_muc and vegmb: have a marvelous day, ladies, and may the celebratory cheer last throughout the year!