April 1st, 2008

pleased with herself

Exciting times

When my mobile started ringing just when I was right in the middle of something this morning, I knew it could only be my prospective employers, but I couldn't free myself to take it. I called back half an hour later, had a very pleasant preliminary chat with their HR manager who professed himself much impressed by my CV, and suggested we meet for the proper interview when I happen to have the day off on Thursday. I know I don't hang about, but I'd only work myself up into a nervous state if I postponed it.

There were a number of jobs he thought might suit my talents, and he was going to send over the details, but unfortunately, something must have prevented him, because they're not here. Bother! I'll have to call and remind him tomorrow, in the nicest possible way, of course.

Meanwhile, I've researched the company on the Intarwebs, and they seem pretty solid to me. If I'm going to trade in my HP contract, I don't want to exchange it for a short-term temporary one with some flash-in-the-pan company that's likely to go under at the first hint of an economic slump.

Anyway, I've got an interview, and it's set for 3 o'clock. Wish me luck, everyone!