April 9th, 2008

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A day in the life

I can't say other than that they're persistent little buggers at the National Cervical Screening Programme's head office -- they've been pestering me with invitations and reminders of those invitations for the last couple of months, so this morning I finally hied myself off to my GP's, there to submit myself to the dreaded procedure. Which took all of five minutes to perform and wasn't as painful and uncomfortable as I remembered it from last time, so yay! I can ring for the results in three weeks, but I don't expect there to be any surprises.

Then I went to have my picture taken. My passport is up for renewal soon and if I want to be let into the US later on this year, I'd better make sure my papers are in order. Unfortunately now though, passport photographs have to comform to a strict EU norm, and it's wildly unflattering. For one thing, they have to be done in full colour, and for another, they have to be taken as a full frontal view, as opposed to the b/w 3/4 profile I always used to present to customs officers the world over before, that were much more artistic and flattering. I used to look cute in my passport photos; I remember even Eric commented on the cuteness of it last time, but now it's more like a mugshot -- why aren't we allowed to at least smile for the camera anymore? ::grumble grumble::stupid EU rules::grumble::

Dropped by the framemaker's, too, to see if he could advise me as to that picture rail system I've decided I want. He could. Now all I need is a handy chappy to help me install it this weekend.

Still haven't heard from P., that recruiter dude? I'm beginning to think he's all mouth and no bloody trousers.