June 14th, 2008


London break

So, the Friday before last I slept in, got up, went into town, bought shoes, and met up with anonypooh in time for a late lunch (of loaded chips and chilli) in Leicester Sq. Then we went off to buy her a new pair of jeans in Miss Sixty, stopping to take in a charming French street artist's performance in Covent Garden on the way. Back to my hotel to freshen up and drop off/collect our things, and out again to meet up with freakspawn at Euston, and off to the pub for drinks and a chat.

Before long it was time to make our way into Camden, where the venue was a tiny basement in a pub called The Constitution. The kitchen had closed by the time we got there, so after greeting quietychaotic and deborahw37 who were already there enjoying a fag in the garden, we went back out again in search of some takeaway grub, which the landlord kindly permitted us to bring back in once we'd found it (hmmm, yummy kebab for me, and chips for my companions). It got a bit chilly and so we went in. By this time, our numbers had swelled to an 11, as justanotherkj, mezzerb, love_by_137 and miss_fairfax and two of her flatmates had also arrived on the scene. Shortly afterwards, the musicians arrived as well, and when DB came over for a pre-gig chat, I asked him if he'd take requests. "Sure, what would you like to hear?" he said, and I indicated that KJ had one. She'd been much impressed with his cover of DCfC's I Will Follow You Into The Dark and requested that. David wasn't sure Jordan could play it and asked if we were going to be at his Monday night gig. I hated having to admit I wouldn't, and he said he'd see what could be done. And so they played it later that evening, to the delight of all assembled.

As I said, the venue was tiny, and we were easily the biggest group of fans of any one artist there. Originally, there had been 4 bands on the bill, but the first one up had had to cancel and so it was DB and Jordan who started the evening off. They played a really good set of 7 or 8 songs, and then it was all over...for me, at least, and I suddenly felt so tired that instead of going on an intended pub crawl with Jules & Lorna (in the end, they went to a noodle bar instead), I went back to the hotel and straight to bed.

The next morning, after sorting out my Sunday morning stupid o'clock travel arrangements, I went over to Muswell Hill where Jules and Lorna had stayed the night. We had a (second) breakfast at a greasy spoon and then spent the entire day outside, exploring Highgate Wood, Highgate Village and Highgate Cemetery, where we discovered the tombs of Karl Marx and George Elliott quite by accident (we were too tight to buy a map or go on a guided tour). Never having been to that part of London before, I was quite pleasantly surprised at how leafy and airy it is, and the views are just amazing. If ever in a future life I come back as a Londoner, I want to live in Muswell Hill. Which probably means I want to make sure I come back loaded as well, as a quick glance in an estate agent's window taught me that property prices are well above my present life's earnings...

I left London on the 6.02am train to Bedford, and got home around noon. Phooey!