June 20th, 2008

gamiila sig #2

"I am the one in ten" - is that statistic still accurate, I wonder?

I signed on this afternoon. Times and especially technology have changed since the last time I was unemployed, back in the early 90s -- these days, you're encouraged to sign on online! Still have to follow this up with a phone call for an interview some time in the next couple of days, though. And then hopefully I'll be able to expand on some of my replies...

Meanwhile, I bumped into an ex-colleague the other day, and when he heard I was looking for work, he said to send him my resume and he'd pass it on within his company. Just now, another colleague has promised to put in a good word for me with the company he used to work for before he came to hp; apparently, he's still got contacts there. And I might give that P-dude a ring; you know, the one who was all pie in the sky after my interview in April and who then never contacted me again...

Thankfully, my horoscope this morning read something about me (well, not me personally but Leos in general, obviously) starting on this new and exciting future and it being natural to feel scared but there really being no need, and I'd land on my feet soon enough. Let's hope that for once, my horoscope is right.

In other news: I am stunned that Portugal played such a dismal game against Germany last night. I expected them to do much better; I even thought they might win the Cup again. That was before our national side rekindled the hope of a Dutch win in my heart, of course...though I'll wait for them to get past Russia before going through my wardrobe in search of something orange.