June 22nd, 2008

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Suits you, madam!

I thought I'd take advantage of the summer sales and buy myself a trouser suit to interview in for a fraction of its usual cost, only to defeat my own purpose by selecting one from the new collections. It's ever so stylish though, much better than that sad excuse of a grey one that's been hiding unused and unloved in my wardrobe forever, and will now soon be on its way to the charity shop.

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Now in order to have a chance to be wearing this suit before it too becomes hopelessly out of date, I'll have to concentrate on applying for jobs. To that end, I've stored my cv in The Cloud, and expect to be writing many letters using Buzzword (my home PC came with MS Works, which I hate) from now on. Now all I need is to buy a printer, and today's newspaper. Off to the shops I go again!