December 1st, 2008

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Forgotten how to do bullet-points

My computer's in desperate need of additional memory. It's not been the same since last month's mishap, and its current poor performance is getting on my wick. The more so since I found out that at my new job, I have no internet access at all. I wonder if that doesn't violate one of my basic human rights? It certainly does feel like it...

Speaking of work, a month in and already I'm bored with it. It's not the job so much as the environment, the people. There's no buzz or excitement; it's just very rigidly organised, inward-looking and sedate. I can't seem to connect with anyone apart from my supervisor and another Eastern European girl called Svetlana, since they at least have travelled and lived in other parts of the world.

Although in the present economic climate, perhaps I should be grateful to have a job at all...

I'm wearing my Gap 1969 model bell-bottom jeans I brought back from New York for the first time today, and I really really like them (even if no one else does)!