December 23rd, 2008

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Because work was kind of slow yesterday, our manager decided we didn't all need to be there. Since she thought we could all do with an extra day's shopping for Christmas, half the team (of which I was one) was given the day off today, and half will be off tomorrow.

So how did I spend my unexpected holiday? Why, by choosing a new mobile! I am now the proud owner of a Nokia E71, an honest to goodness smartphone, with Internet and full e-mailing capabilities! It's got so many add-ons, it scares me a little -- but I daresay I'll get used to it soon enough.

I still haven't quite made up my mind what I'm going to do for Christmas, whether to take up my sister's invitation or stay in and watch telly, but at least I've stocked up on turkey and vegetables so if I do decide to give the family dinner a miss, I won't be having to make do with a simple sarny instead.