April 20th, 2009

the follies

Good show

On Saturday, just before I went off to see Gran Torino starring Clint Eastwood in the cinema with my mum, a friend of mine asked whether I wouldn't mind accompanying her 10-year old son and one of his little friends to the Dutch musical Ciske de Rat the next day, as she herself didn't feel up to it (she's going into hospital to have a hysterectomy in a couple of days). I wasn't too keen, as I'm a terrible snob who doesn't think anything good can ever come out of Dutch theatre shows, but in the end, I let myself be persuaded...and contrary to my expectations, I had a brilliant time. The music, the singing, the acting -- it was all a hundred times removed from those endless, boring performances I had to sit through when I was still in school, and the production could, IMO, easily vie with whatever show is put on in the West End or on Broadway.

Next time, I will jump at the chance to borrow her kid again.