June 10th, 2009

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'Only in America' is what we used to say of gun crime and assassination plots. But things are getting just as crazy over here.

My sister texted me with the news that a mutual friend of ours, someone we grew up with and someone she has worked with in her professional life for the past couple of years, was shot through the head and killed while on his way into work this morning. It happened on a zebra crossing near the office building where they both work. The perpetrator has been caught and in a statement to police has indicated it was a crime of passion; Ronnie had just started going out with this man's ex-girlfriend.

I'm amazed at how upset I am by this news; I'm shaking and everything. It's the shock, the pointlessness of his killing. In my life, I've lost friends, people I've been close to, through accidents and illnesses, but none have ever been murdered before. And even though I hadn't spoken to Ronnie in years, I still thought of him occasionally, and asked my sister for news of him every once in a while, or for her to remember me to him next time they had occasion to meet...and now this. It's incomprehensible, and such a terrible, terrible shock.
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