February 7th, 2010


The best-laid plans...

Dinner and a movie just got cancelled. After receiving a call from his sister, Allan, who spent all day yesterday cooking me curry goat, spent all of last night drinking and now he's too hung over to even contemplate going out, let alone sit down to eat. It seems his sister has recently found God; and now she thinks her brother's an abomination for being gay and has found it necessary to tell him so. "...but the greatest of these is charity" -- why is it born-again Christians always tend to forget about that?

Oh well, I suppose that means I can fiddle around with my computers a bit more today. Or do my homework for German class. Or spend some more time revising for my certification exam next month (I need a particular kind of certification to remain in my current position, and I need it before my contract comes up for renewal in April).

But first, off to the supermarket to see about dinner!