April 24th, 2010



I'm something of a creature of habit, especially when it comes to the places I shop, get my groceries, or get a haircut. I've been going to the same hairdresser's for 20-odd years, even after the previous owner, Juan, sold up and moved back to Spain a few years ago. He sold the business to Mattías, one of the many young people he'd trained up in his salon over the years, so even though I was sorry to lose Juan, I knew nothing would change fundamentally and I'd be in good hands. Unfortunately though, within the year all Mattías's former colleagues left, saying they couldn't stand to work under him now that he was the boss, and he's had to hire a whole new crew. They're all very young and eager to please, but they've never introduced themselves; when I book an appointment I'm never sure who I've booked it with, and I've no clue as to their particular expertise. Which means today my usual instruction of "I trust you" has backfired on me somewhat, as since leaving the salon I've been sporting a lovely new do...but it's magenta! That is to say, about a quarter of my tresses has been dyed that most arresting colour, which although I don't dislike it per se, does worry me slightly in as much that I work in quite a conservative environment, and come Monday, how am I going to dress for it now that my hair clashes with almost every colour I have in my wardrobe?

Speaking of colour, here's a meme on the very subject:

List the ten favorite things connected with a certain color. I was given "orange". Comment on this post and I will give you a color!

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