July 2nd, 2010


30 Day Music Meme: Day 30

It's hot and humid and I can't sleep. Tomorrow This afternoon, The Netherlands will meet Brazil in the quarter finals of the World Cup, and I fully expect them to lose; which is a shame as I've managed to accumulate quite a nice little collection of Oranje icons over the last few weeks that now, sadly, will have to go unused.

Day 30: A song you haven't listened to in a while

Emma Kirkby & Evelyn Tubb sing Chiome d'Oro, by Monteverdi

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Earlier in the meme, when asked to list a song that reminded me of my best friend, I came up with Monty Python's Sit On My Face, which Peronne would usually begin to sing after she'd had a glass or two. This song, though, and in fact the entire cd from which it's plucked (Emma Kirkby & Evelyn Tubb sing Monteverdi Duets & Solos with The Consort of Musick - Director: Anthony Rooley, Innovative Music Productions Ltd., 1987), will forever remind me of my other dear departed friend Joost, who even though he was a lifelong Bob Dylan-fan, whenever he came round to mine would frequently choose to put on. Which is probably why I haven't listened to it since well before his death.
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Netherlands-Brazil: 2-1


I was so sure Brazil would send Oranje packing. And it seemed like they were going to, in the first half. They could so easily have sent our side to the locker room two or three goals down, but they stopped at one...and that was their mistake, as it turned out.

The Netherlands came out fighting in the second half, and kept the pressure on from first to last. The equalizer, when it happened, and however it happened (FIFA has ascribed it to Juan, but it seemed to me to have been deflected or come off the top of Melo's head) restored our team's confidence and after that, everything just seemed to go their way and I think they won the match deservedly.

Now we've got Germany-Argentina to look forward to tomorrow -- two sides that I think are evenly matched. I'm not going to even attempt a prediction at the outcome.

ETA: After initially ascribing the goal to Juan, FIFA then gave it to F. Melo for a day or two, before finally deciding to add it to Sneijder's score sheet, making him one of the championship's top scorers.