August 17th, 2010


When God closes a door...

...He opens a window; isn't that what they say?

I received a telephone call first thing this morning, from an agency I registered with 2 months ago. At the time, they wouldn't return my phone calls, or see me. Now, all of a sudden they think they may be able to place me with one of their clients, after all. Was I still available, did I have any holiday plans, and could I start as per Sept. 6th (provided the client agrees to take me on)?

So, I'm taking a test to check my suitability today, meet with the agency rep tomorrow, and am set up for an interview with the client (Belastingdienst, i.e. the Dutch equivalent of the Inland Revenue) on Thursday.

We'll see how it goes, eh?


Yesterday, my 6 month old laptop gave me a scare. After using it for a while, I left it to make dinner; then when I came back to it, the screen froze. It wouldn't let me log on again and carry on with my work, and in the end all I could think to do was to let the battery run empty overnight. It was with enormous trepidation that I fired it up again this morning; but as is evident from this post, my solution borne of desperation had done the trick. But, I'm very disappointed to find that there's no way to reboot this laptop while its battery is still fully powered up.