December 23rd, 2010

basically I rule

Hurrah (I think)

I picked up the phone a minute ago and heard someone at the other end introduce themselves as "Mandy from iddyboes". Nonplussed, I asked her to repeat that. "Mandy, from Kitty Woes". There followed 20 seconds of silence in which I tried to work out if I knew any Mandy, until she elucidated: "You sent us your application yesterday?" "Oh, Pitney Bowes! Yes, yes, I did! What can I do for you?" Poor girl, she must have thought I was a total flake -- but never mind, the letter I've spent all of yesterday afternoon crafting has got me an interview on the 4th of January next year! I'm all in a tizzy, all excited on the one hand, scared stiff on the other. It's for a teamleader position in their customer services department. My previous roles in this sort of environment have been as supply chain coordinator and portfolio manager. Neither of these come with any direct experience of people management...although I have led project teams in the dim and distant past. What if I can't live up to their expectations? Then again, what have I got to lose? They can only say no if I fail to convince them, and then I won't have to speak to them ever again.

So, my course is clear for the next couple of days. Swat up on the company as much as I can, and decide on what shoes I'm going to wear to the interview, so that I can literally put my best foot forward. And look at my icon and let its message sink in.