December 30th, 2010

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Many thanks to scatterheart and empresspatti, whose cards arrived today...yay! I'm sorry our postal service took so long to deliver them, when you did all you could to make sure they'd be here for the start of the festive season. But now they're here in time for New Year, and no less welcome!

Speaking of which, I've got my oliebollen and appelbeignets at the as I couldn't be bothered to make my own. No Oudejaarsavond (interestingly, we Dutch call it Old Year or Old Year's Evening rather than New Year's Eve) would be complete without that even I, not particularly fond of oliebollen at all, will jolly well have them every Dec 31st.

Today's interview went smoothly, but I'd be surprised if I got invited back for a second round, as there was a sharp intake of breath when I disclosed my salary range. It's negotiable, of course, but I think they were hoping to get somebody for a lot less. No matter -- the job on offer held little or no appeal to me, anyway. I'll just keep looking.

And of course I've got my PB interview coming up on Tuesday! Now this is a job I can really sink my teeth into, so I'm leaving nothing to chance. I checked out and timed my route there and back (nice offices!), have decided on my outfit and have bought a new skirt especially, and will devote the next four days to the most intensive prep I have ever done.

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