January 15th, 2011

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I can see clearly now

After receiving my long and eagerly awaited text first thing this morning, I went into town to pick up my new varifocal contact lenses. Unfortunately, they're not the real thing yet. They're sort of learner lenses, to see if my brain can get used to processing the image correctly, or at least in such a way that I can function normally. I'm told I will have to try these out for a week, and then they'll test and tweak them some more until they're absolutely fine. As I've already noticed that these are a little bit weak, this'll probably mean another two-week wait for my very bespoke new contacts to arrive...But! I'm already much happier with these than I was with the set they'd sold me earlier, that allowed me 20-20 vision at 50 mtrs distance, but were completely useless when it came to reading a book or off a computer screen. Now I can read the instructions on the packet again, and you don't know how happy that makes me!

The funny thing with these contacts is that (on the face of it) they don't look any different from normal lenses. Whereas with varibifocal glasses you usually see a divide between the bit used for looking into the distance and the bit needed for reading, the surface of these lenses is completely smooth -- and you don't have to worry about putting them in at a specific angle or anything. The secret, I'm told, is in the way they're crafted; with the centre optimised for distance-viewing, and the edges for close-ups. The result is that you're constantly getting two images that the brain has to meld into one; which I'm relieved to say seems to be working perfectly in my case, and I don't see why I should wait another week before we can do another check to see if I take to them. But the optician was adamant I needed to give it all this time, and so I shall. Reluctantly.
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