January 25th, 2011

nothing ever happens to me

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I'm procrastinating. A friend of mine has offered to lend me his Mac so as I can familiarise myself with it before I start work at its manufacturer, and he's bringing it round tomorrow, which has caused me to cast a critical look around my living quarters and decide that something needs to be done. I've never been much of a domestic goddess by any stretch of the imagination, but over the last 9 months of joblessness, even my usual lax standards seem to have slipped. Despite having had all this time on my hands, I have not been able to bring myself to tidy up more often, or clean the windows (they definitely need seeing to. It really can't be that misty out). So last night I decided that today was going to be devoted to tackling the backlog of housework, but for some reason it's proving difficult to get myself going. It also doesn't help that I can feel a headache coming on, caused, no doubt, by sleeping in.

I never have a lie in. Five, six hours sleep is all I require, and as soon as I wake, I'm up. But these past few days, I've felt so tired that I've been lolling around in bed for up to eight or nine hours, which my system doesn't seem to respond to very well. Oh well, nothing a little ibuprofen won't improve. I think it's the release of all the tension that's been building up inside of me during my period of looking for work that's throwing me a bit, and I'll be fine in a day or two. I still can't believe I'm going to be employed again! And in a field I have no previous experience of! To say that I'm excited by the prospect is an understatement.

Something else I'm excited about is meeting up again with someone I used to be friends with at uni, but that I haven't seen or heard from in donkey's years. I've always regretted that in the year after graduation, all contact was abruptly cut off; and so I was pleased to find her again on LinkedIn, and sent her an e-mail referring to a shared experience, a summer road trip we went on some twenty-odd years ago, and how I was sorry I'd let our friendship wane soon after. I received the most amazing reply - basically, she didn't remember me or our past friendship at all, let alone that particular holiday. Which, she hastened to add, was no reflection on me: the fact is that she had been in a car accident, had suffered head injuries, and had actually lost her memory. Permanently. Huge chunks of it are gone, e.g. she retrained as a secretary as she couldn't recall any of her training as an art historian, and even in her current career she's found it difficult to retain things so she relies on charts, notes and colour codes to make connections - kind of like Guy Pierce's character in Memento. Anyway, she was eager to renew the acquaintance, and we're meeting for lunch soon, but I've no idea how it will pan out - if at all! We're both different people now; one of us, more different than usual.

Hmmm...those windows aren't going to clean themselves, are they? I'd better get to it.