February 9th, 2011


29 Day Meme: Day 09 - How you hope your future will be like

In a word: happy. And I've no doubt I'll be able to manage that, as (a) I'm not expecting to be ecstatically happy all the time, and (b) I'm not entirely reliant on other people or any special circumstances to be reasonably happy most of the time, anyway.

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I've just come back from my first driving lesson in nearly two decades, and boy! did I need it! Not that I was completely hopeless or should have my driving license revoked, but I had forgotten how much work's involved in driving responsibly and safely through the streets of a busy town. My instructor, Henk, suggested I started by just steering the car and he'd manage the controls, and 15 minutes later asked me to take over changing the gears, and another 15 minutes later let me operate the clutch, brakes and gas pedal as well; and I'm glad we did it this way because I'm sure I couldn't have managed it all directly from the off. I had so much to think about, to pay attention to -- honestly, I don't know how I used to do all this on automatic pilot before. All the while he kept wanting me to describe the situation on the road, where was I looking, what did I see, was I keeping enough distance from the kerb, other road users, the middle of the road; could I predict what was going on 100 yards in front of me, was I mindful of what was happening a 100 yards back? What did all the road signs that we encountered mean? What did the sound of the revolutions tell me, was it time to change gears, how fast was I driving, what was the speed limit on this stretch of road? It was exhausting...but I think very helpful, and I'm looking forward to my next lesson on Friday.

Willem called, and my heating will be fixed a week on Friday. Yay! Though it hardly seems to matter now, when spring can't be far away.